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 MS Adaptors

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PostSubject: MS Adaptors   Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:51 pm

Alright, I've been searching the internet for some adaptors that will "adapt" a Micro SD card to fit into my PSP. I don't think Magic Gate has been put onto any Micro SD cards (may be wrong, not sure) so that may be an issue for adaptors, and why I'm having trouble finding a reliable one. I have found some adaptors, but the problem is that the descriptions are often unclear, so I'm not sure whether it's for MS to SD or SD to MS. There also seems to be, according to reviews on them, lack of reliability. So, does anyone know of any adaptor that will allow me to safely "adapt" a Micro SD card to a Memory Stick?

EDIT: I was wondering about this one:

Can anyone verify the reliability? And it appears to support up to 8GB. Is there anything else with higher memory capabilities?


Does anyone know if the PSP is compatible with the 32GB capacity that this thing holds? And will SDHC be compatible in the PSP?

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PostSubject: Re: MS Adaptors   Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:15 pm

It should be good but if you have a slim, i would go for CR-5X00

X = 1 or 4, depends on what you want.
Im sure you have heard about that.

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MS Adaptors
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