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 Recovery flasher

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PostSubject: Recovery flasher   Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:55 pm

Homebrew Developer, Hellcat, has released an update for his Recovery Flasher, now instead of using the firmware 3.71 as the EBOOT, you can now choose from 3.71 or 4.01 or 4.05 or 5.00. You can flash those firmwares to the Slim and the Fat, if you have a semi-brick. Hellcat and I have been talking and I want to thank Hellcat for letting me choose 3 trustworthy beta testers for this, Evolve, Assyrianpimp, and NightCalyster. These people have to check for flaws in the homebrew, but if you spot any errors please comment, so I can inform Hellcat.

How to install:

Painless and easy:
Copy the RECOVERY folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/ on your
memstick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the
apps EBOOT on your stick.
Now copy the official Sony 3.71 and/or 4.01 Update EBOOT, renamed
as (371.PBP) (401.PBP) (500.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well. Any one those will work.

*** NOTE ***
The Recovery Flasher MUST be installed in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY!
Do not rename it's folder or it will fail loading!
If you have other apps you like to use from the recovery menu, you
can do so with Recovery Flasher's option "Launch another app" (see

Here is the Changelog:

* can now install any FW fro 3.71 to 5.00
* added a simlple filebrowser like thing for launching additional apps from /PSP/GAME
* added option to override “battery low” warning
* added version check of the updater .PBP used for FW extraction
*Makes pandora


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PostSubject: Re: Recovery flasher   Thu Apr 30, 2009 5:15 pm

Nice guide, Kira.

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Recovery flasher
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