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 Planning to buy a PS3

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PostSubject: Planning to buy a PS3   Sat May 02, 2009 5:00 pm

Yeah, I'm probably going to buy a PS3 sometime. I used to have one, I had the 60 GB when it came out with the backwards compatibility. I hear they made newer ones without it, and they're sort of crap from what I hear. I no longer have any PS2 games, so I'm wondering, is it still worth it to get one of the older 60GB PS3's? What else can I do with the 60GB? Does it give me any extra features that are useful with my PSP (Remote Play sort of things) and do they all have MS Pro Duo slots to transfer music and stuff? I looked at Gamestop, and mainly their site said it was the Backwards Compatibility and the extra USB ports that are special. But is that all, or ist there more that I want? I really want a MS port for my PSP to transfer stuff, is that on all of them?

I'm just asking for some experienced help with picking out the right PS3 for me.

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Planning to buy a PS3
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