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 Search before you ask

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PostSubject: Search before you ask   Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:07 pm

Make sure that you actually can't find the answer to your question before you ask it. There is a search function at the top of the page. There is also a guides section. Check all sections that may apply, especially General or Miscellaneous. You may also find Stickied guides in the question center. This is for your convenience. Check the stickies in a forum before you ask your question. And please, no questions like "How do I install CFW", "I don't have a friend with a CFW PSP, is it still possible to get CFW?", "Do you need a Pandora Battery to install CFW?". These questions are answered in guides, but ince some people will still miss it, here's the answers:

1. You install CFW by using a Pandora battery set. The set includes a JigKick battery (Pandora) and a Magic Memory Stick (MMS). There are guides on how to make these.

2. Yes. You don't need a CFW PSP to install CFW on your own. Just hardmod a Pandora battery (or softmod with a Datel Tool) by following a guide on this site. Then use an MMS installer (again, check the guides. It'll be in any CFW guide) to create a Magic Memory Stick.

3. Yes. You do. There isn't another way unless you've got very old firmware. This is the method you have to use. Follow a guide to make one.

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Search before you ask
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