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 PSP Flight

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PostSubject: PSP Flight   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:28 pm

PSP Flight is a "flight simulator" for PSP systems. While it may seem like a neat idea, and a good concept, PSP Flight cannot be called a flight simulator. At least not yet. Perhaps in future releases it will get there. Of course, it technically does simulate being on a plane, though not flying the plane. Right now PSP Flight only shows the passenger seat of a French airline plane, and play the sound of the pilot's voice. You hear the usual talk on electronics and smoking, and all that fancy jazz. At first it seems this is simply a sort of introduction to the actual simulation, however the sound simply loops continually until you terminate the simulator. So, ultimately, this is a homebrew app that I just took off my PSP as soon as I ran it the first time.

Overall 3/10 - Nothing to do yet, but it's a good idea, and I'm looking forward to a future release that will feature some gameplay

Gameplay 0/10 - There is none yet
Entertainment Value 0/10 - Nothing to do but listen
Graphics 1/10 - Nothing but a picture, but the quality is good (lol)
Sound Effects 1/10 - Again, nothing but the pilot talking
Concept 8/10 - Nice idea, would be great if the game actually got somewhere

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PostSubject: Re: PSP Flight   Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:57 pm

sounds like it could be promising

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PSP Flight
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